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Backgammon GameOSModeIntNetSupTotal
Play65 Backgammon4.
3D Backgammon Unlimited1.
David's Backgammon7.44.6501.318.3
Gameloft Backgammon1.16.9501.314.3
OS - scores for OS support; Mode - backgammon game's modes; Int - scores for interface; Net - network support scores; Sup - scores for support

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Backgammon is a board game of skill for two players. The board consists of twenty-four triangles (points, spaces) and fifteen checkers (pieces or men) for each backgammon player. Each player roll two dice and tries move all his checkers to home board and after that bear off them from the backgammon board. During moving his checkers, player can hit enemy checkers that makes more harder for enemy to move all his checkers to home board. backgammon rules.

Here are five strategies that are frequently used in backgammon. You need to be able to switch strategies instantly as the course of the game unfolds. how to play backgammon (strategy)

Backgammon is oldest recorded east game, that was popular during few thousand years almost all over the world. People played this board game already more then 5000 years, and this fact have historical evidences. backgammon history

Nowadays we can observe backgammon internet boom - more and more people join the online backgammon community and play on their computers. free backgammon download.

Backgammon ArticleAdded
Japans BackgammonNov 22, 2006
Nuclear BackgammonNov 22, 2006
Backgammon TimelineNov 22, 2006

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All Backgammon
The first version of what would later become backgammon is the Egyptian game of Senat, also known as Thirty Squares.

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