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All Backgammon \ Articles \ Backgammon Fashion


What's hot in fashion and what's cool? This is the question that the multi billion dollar fashion industry gears itself up to year after year, to bring to the catwalks of the world the latest trend or new look, so as to christen the style of the day or that of the future.

These creations often so ostentatious that they defy words, from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen Jimmy Choo, Karl Lagerfeld, and Stella McCartney all vie for the attention of the big name buyers, all who have their own stamp of approval to endorse on the design.

Which takes it from the catwalk into the shops, off the shelves and into the designer bags of the shops of Mayfair, Rodeo Drive, Boulevard Saint Michel, and Manhattan?

The creation of a new fashion, takes time and meticulous planning. With an attention to detail that reflects the energy and perseverance of the designer.

In many ways trend setting has become not just a pre-requisite of fashion but also a stimulus to other industries, in particular the gaming industry which has seen its own fashion take off in a plethora of different ways, with one of the most surprising being backgammon.

Like the pleated skirt or flared trousers, backgammon has risen from its humble roots of provincial wooden boards to the ultra sophisticated programs of online web designs to set new standards in style and cool, creating a new chic, niche market that appeals across the generations.

To design a product that has no boundaries, yet at the same sets the mood of the day is no easy task.

One of the first companies that have succeeded in developing a cool online playing platform for backgammon is; this site has taken the industry by storm, with over one million registered players recorded, and some 10,000 players playing regularly in real time throughout the day. The attraction of the site is in its simplicity and in the way it grabs the attention of the players, through big money tournaments and events.

You would think that to participate in something so dead trendy and so of the moment would require a special fashion conscious approach, a dress to play, statement, along the lines of 'I play the coolest game I dress the coolest way to play' An ad man's dream, dress your players, then get them playing the game.

The Polo shirt came from tennis professionals, the replica football shirt, now the obligatory standard uniform of most football fans, is universal, so why not backgammon? Manufacturers could produce a fashion range that encapsulates in a statement of trendy awareness its own recognition of the game.

In reality though, all totally superfluous because playing backgammon online can be enjoyed whether you play in the latest fashion, or if you’re totally stark naked. So long as you don't put your web cam on!

That is really the beauty of the game.

All Backgammon \ Articles \ Backgammon Fashion
Backgammon is widely played in the Middle East and Central Asia, particularly in cafes.

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