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One thousand years approximately before the birth of Christ, people were playing backgammon. In fact down through the ages and throughout the civilizations, backgammon has featured in one form or another.

It's an odd fact, to think that a game that was first conjured up all those centuries ago has survived for so long, relatively unchanged or unscathed.

Now today, in our state of the art computer generated digitalized world that we live in backgammon is played more than ever, both online and offline.

It is an indictment that as much as we try and progress sometimes we just can't improve on the original.

A Backgammon Timeline Plus Other Games

3000BC - Dating from around this time The Royal Game of Ur the oldest complete set of gaming equipment ever found - The Egyptiona Senet appears around 4th cent. B.C. Mancala-styled type boards are produced in the Sahara region the first possible derivative of backgammon.

2000 BC-The Chinese create Wei-qi, later it becomes 'Go' in Japan.

1800 BC- Egyptian tombs - Dogs and Jackals game are found.

1400 BC-Morris and Mancala boards discovery Temple of Kurna, Egypt.

700 BC-Earliest records of cubical Dice - the prerequisite of backgammon dice possibly.

Birth of Christ-Record of Emperor Claudius playing Tabula (Early backgammon) First documentary evidence of the game being played.

300's -Babylonian Talmud quotes Nard a Backgammon variant in the.

400's-Loss by Emperor Zeno in Tabula (early Backgammon) Scandinavia records Hnefatafl games .

600's - Go (Wei-qi) arrives in Japan from China 4th, or 6th Century.

700's -Chess arrives in Persia from India circa. 650-850 AD

900's - Tafl-type Fidchell game board carved in or around the 10th century Early Welsh literature mentions a tafl-type? game called Tawlbwrdd.

1100's - 3-in-a-row games start appearing throughout Europe Around this time The Isle of Lewis Chessmen are carved.

1200's- Alphonso X's 'Book of Games' written circa 1283.A compendium of games appears, which features,Chess, Tables (Backgammon) Morris, Alquerque, plus the Fox Game one of the early descendants of Snakes and Ladders games is played in India

1300's- Playing cards appear in Spain about 1371.

1400's -Tarot games Italy.

1430's - A version of 12- Man Morris appears.

1440's - Poch card game, ancestor to Rummy Royale, Michigan Rummy. 1480 First signs of standard card decks including all suits hearts clubs spades diamonds made in France.

1600's -Modern Cribbage rules standardized in England. Louis XI.holds court with first solitaire board games. 1645 Oxford English Dictionary quotes 'Tables' as the first recorded variation reference to 'Backgammon',

1700's -Pope Joan card game -1730's.- Cartomancy fortune telling, with cards or tarot decks 1765.

1800's - Bridge games begins as derivative of Whist. The game of Poker recorded in print, 1836

1850's-1863 - Ludo published in England based on Indian Pachisi (Parcheesi).Chinese Checkers published

1892 - Snakes & ladders around same time in England

1900- The Landlord's Game - original Monopoly patented

1904/ Lexico invented 1931 - renamed Scrabble 1947

1920 -The Doubling cube first introduced.The game of Othello published in Japan 1968, related to 19th century Reversi.

1930 - Change of rules introduced to modern game of backgammon.

1960 - First World Championships hosted in Caribbean Cathedral invented by a New Zealand man in 1962,bought by games publisher 1979.

1970's- Backgammon's halcyon Days Dungeons & Dragons published 1974 Trivial Pursuit was first conceived on December 15, 1979, becoming commercial in 1981.

1990's -First Internet Backgammon Server) was created in 1993 by Andreas Schneider.

2000's - Online backgammon sites begin - becomes largest online backgammon room. Party Gammon announces first One Million Dollar Tournament.

All Backgammon \ Articles \ Backgammon Timeline
In 1931 the backgammon rules were modified to what basically governs the game today.

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