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To get good at any game is matter of practice, sometimes this requires endless hours of doing the same thing over and over again, this sort of repetition can become mind sapping and boring and defeat the object.

This is why it is always a good option for players regardless of how good they are to look for ways of practicing with an alternative method.

For the offline player it could be the way they throw the dice, you could use a different wrist action, which seems crazy especially when using a dice cup, but why not try it as a variation to your normal game.

Online or offline alternative methods of playing can make a welcome change to the standard game. One of these variation games that are designed for fast players is Hyper Backgammon.

Setup: The game uses just three checkers on each of the opponent's one-point, two-point, and three-point positions.

Play: There are no major differences in the rules of the game.

You still make points or one point, by hitting the opposition's blots, and you still bear off your pieces as you would in regular backgammon.

The doubling cube is also employed, allowing you to double and redouble, plus the Jacoby Rule applies, therefore gammons are not in effect until the doubling cube has been turned.

Scoring: You score the same as backgammon: with the winner getting one point for a win, two points for a gammon, and three points for backgammon. But gammons and backgammons only score extra if a double has been offered and accepted during the game.

Computer play: Hugh Sconyers the creator of Hyper Bcakgammon and twice world team backgammon player programmed a computer to assess the different combinations possible for equity in this game. After two years the computer returned a figure of 32 million which means the computer cracked it so the game can be played by computer, watch out.

All Backgammon \ Articles \ Hyper Backgammon
The doubling cube in backgammon was believed to be introduced in New York in the 1920`s.

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