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All Backgammon \ Articles \ Real Money Games are the Icing on the Online Backgammon Cake


Why? Because they sweeten the plot for players by attracting them to their sites to play for real big money. Some of these jackpots range from $25,000 to $100,000 per month, and in January 2007, the backgammon world will see the introduction and launch of the first $1 million prize.
The reasons behind the rapid rise in online backgammon real money prizes is down to the rejuvenation of the game itself, the online gaming machine has kicked into gear a whole new generation of backgammon players from all over the world. Which could only have been possible because of the World Wide Web, but to keep players focused it was necessary to tempt them to stay and play.

With the introduction of gambling in backgammon the stage was set, it was then just a matter of commercialisation to bring the whole solution together.

The money that players play for today varies from small amounts of $2.00 just to get you started, then as you progress through the rankings, you can enter the monthly tournaments where the money goes up to $25,000. In some cases you have to be wary of players ratings, as in the past these have been manipulated to show that they aren't as good as they really are, it is not until you face them, that you realize you've been conned.

There are three types of Real Money Games

The first is the money game' in this version you play a given opponent until you tire of it. The site holding this game will 'rake' a percentage from the winner. Some sites also apply the Jacoby Rule by default, others it is optional, and some not at all. Before you start playing check the Jacoby is I force or not. . In money games, you can select your opposition and decline to play if you think they are not skilled enough to play you.

Private Online Matches

Same as the money game only staged in private, you are allowed to choose your opponent and the amount of stakes, and the site will take its percentage.

Real Money Tournaments:

And number three is tournament play, here you have no choice you play against the player that is entered. Ratings count, in certain tournaments so it's possible you may not even be considered if you don't rate high enough. These tournaments also require a fee usually, so as to deter pretenders. The entry fee normally includes a registration sum, so that the fees are split between registration and prize money. Some tournaments offer free rolls, which means no entry fee, and some have a guaranteed prize money pool, this invariably means the event is sponsored.

Real money play is exciting and can be profitable it an also enhance your chances of becoming a gambler, so play within your limits in all ways.

All Backgammon \ Articles \ Real Money Games are the Icing on the Online Backgammon Cake
People played this board game already more then 5000 years, and this fact have historical evidences.

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