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Founded in 1990 in the South-West of France, by some kids, kind of nuts about computer games and computing, TLK GAMES is not quite a classical company. We have opened an office in Paris and we employ 9 fast thinking and professionals. But the real motivation of the team is, and will stay for a long time, the pleasure of developing some new exiting games to amuse the others. Innovation and Quality rather than Profit and Growth! Small is beautiful, don't you think. We sure do.

Very simple, very beautiful and it also works. TLK GAMES has already published more than 25 games, some in 3D and we have plenty more in development like 3D Buggy Tug, Reflector 3D, D.R.O.D 3D, LeSOLITAIRE, LeCHARIOT etc. Now, our will to bring on the market one new quality game each month at an affordable price is a real challenge and we had to invent new ways of working. That why, you will not find any printer or paper basket in our office To be frank, we don't like paper. A part of our people work at home, some in their havoc, connected to us on the network. We think that in a New Information Technology Company, each one has to feel well in its own shoes.

We distribute our products directly by Web and email as SHAREWARE. You know of course what it means : When a client is fully satisfied by one of our fine game that he has downloaded at no charge and wants to go on using it, he feels happy to pay for it and send to us a few Euros to contribute to our development costs. He receives then the full licensed Version. A lot of fun for little money for all the true computer game amateurs that you are, for sure, since you are here, now, reading our WEB page. Thank you!

May be you can think about getting closer to TLK GAMES. We think that our games really have a great sales potential they are already distributed through partners in many countries. We are looking for new publishers or resellers who will give us the chance to concentrate on our real expertise : new games development


  • Development of video games

  • Design and Implementation of Client-Server applications.


    Jean-Michel MARTIN DE SANTERO : 39, Operating Manager and CEO
    Unix & NT administrator
    Assembler development x86, C/C++, JAVA, PERL, PYTHON...

    Bruno ETHVIGNOT : 34, Associate
    Networks administrator
    Assembler development 68K, x86, C,C++, JAVA, PERL, LINGO...

    Yoan DAUBEZE: 24
    Unix, BSD, Linux, NT administrator
    Programmer C, Perl, WEB/CGI

    David IGREJA : 31
    Graphic Designer
    Graphic design 2D/3D, Web and Game design

    Patrice DUHAMEL : 30
    Programmer C/C++, OpenGL, DirectX

    Laurent CANCE : 29
    Assembler development x86, C/C++, DirectX, Direct3D

    Fabienne MANZ : 45 ans

    Some of OUR REFERENCES :
    France Télécom Sites
    Wanadoo Service Pro

    Developer of:3D Backgammon Unlimited
    Fax:(+33) 143 403 596

    All Backgammon \ Developers \ TLK GAMES
    The first strong backgammon computer opponent was BKG 9.8. It was programmed by Hans Berliner in the late 1970s on a PDP-10 as an experiment in evaluating board positions.

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