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Backgammon is very popular board game not just in real life but in virtual world too. That is why we propose you to download free backgammon. This backgammon version is the most popular in Internet community and gives you ability to meet more than 10,000 players at peak hours online from all over the world and play against them for fun or real money.


After downloading backgammon (~200KB) please follow the instrctions below.

1. Click on the "Run" (or "Open") button.

2. Click the "Run" (or "Open") button again
In some Windows versions, this step will not appear.

3. Choose your Language.

4. The backgammon`s window will appear, please wait until the installation process is finished.

5. Create your player account.

Would you like to play backgammon on your cell phone? No problems! The most popular board game on your mobile! Now you can play any time anywhere using your cellular - just order ($3) Gameloft Backgammon and play vs your phone. If you want a totally new game experience every time, the hot-seat mode allows two players to compete against each other on the same phone.

All Backgammon \ Download
People played this board game already more then 5000 years, and this fact have historical evidences.

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